My Guide to Labor & Delivery

Photographing your Baby's Birth
Labor and Delivery Options at MoBap

At Missouri Baptist Medical Center, you are welcome to photograph (still photos and/or video) during the birth of your child.  After all, this is a very important event for your family.

During your delivery, our team is totally focused on your health and safety of you and your baby. Please share the following information, based on our hospital's policy, with your family and friends in advance of your delivery, so everyone can participate in keeping you and your baby safe and healthy.

Labor and Delivery Suites:
  • Photography is welcomed in our Labor and Delivery suites with prior consent of your doctor, or if your doctor is not present, with the consent of the attending obstetrician and the pediatrician.
  • We ask the family member who may be taking photos to be mindful that the team may need to move around the mother and baby quickly and without difficulty.
  • With this in mind, videography may occur only from the head of the bed.  For still photography, talk to your doctor or delivery team about where to stand for the best photos.
  • In cases where the baby is in distress, all photography will need to stop in order to minimize distractions in the room.
  • That's why at any time during labor and delivery, any obstetrician, pediatrician or nurse may ask the photographer to stop recording, or even leave the room.
  • Please understand that we rely on these measures to ensure the health and safety of both you and your new baby.

In the Case of a C-Section:

  • Photography is also welcome in our Operating Room for C-sections, however, with certain considerations and with the prior consent of the attending obstetrician.
  • To limit a mother’s exposure to germs, you may select only one support person (spouse, significant other) to accompany you into the Operating Room during a C-section; please understand that in cases requiring general anesthetic or emergency situations, only hospital staff will be permitted in the Operating Room.
  • Photography only of the baby, and not the actual surgery, are welcome once the baby has been checked and moved to the warmer.
  • Please understand that at any time, the obstetrician, pediatrician, anesthesia personnel and nursing staff each have the authority to ask the photographer to stop, or even to leave the room, for the sake of the mother's or baby's health and safety.

While we gladly support your photographing this special event, we also ask that you respect our labor and delivery team's right to privacy. Understandably, some of them may not wish to have their photos taken or unexpectedly appear on your Facebook page or in your videos on YouTube. Therefore, as a special consideration for your labor and delivery team, please ask their permission before including them in your videos or photos.

We truly appreciate your understanding as we provide you and your baby with the highest quality care and all the attention that you deserve during your birthing experience at Missouri Baptist Medical Center.

For more information on labor and delivery at MoBap, call (314) 996-LIFE (5433) or toll-free (800) 392-0936 or email us.