Childbirth and Newborn Care Classes for Parents

Through our partnership with St. Louis Children's Hospital, we offer the following classes for families in our community.

Family and Friends® CPR

A video-guided program for parents, grandparents and teenagers who babysit (ages 10-15 if accompanied by an adult). Instruction and hands-on practice for infant, child and adult CPR, first aid for choking and the use of AEDs, when appropriate. Course instructors and facilitators from St. Louis Children's Hospital use the American Heart Association material, which includes a 65-page student manual. (Course does not include certification upon completion.)

Fee: $25/person

Infant Massage

Parents and expectant parents will learn hands-on massage techniques that promote relaxation and help develop a stronger bond with their infant (newborns through age 15 months). Parents who are not able to bring their child will be given a doll for hands-on practice. The class is taught by St. Louis Children’s Hospital Certified Infant Massage Instructors. Each family will receive the illustrated guidebook titled Baby’s First touch: Step-by-Step Instruction for Infant Massage, as well as a bottle of massage oil.

Fee: $20/parent and child (second parent may attend for free)

Babysitting 101

If you're considering hiring a new babysitter, this four-hour class, taught by an instructor to St. Louis Children's Hospital, is a great introduction to the basics of babysitting. Topics include: the business of babysitting, safety/first aid, child development, fun and games. A workbook is included.

Fee: $30/child

Creative Parenting Solutions

Strengthen your parenting skills in this two-session workshop designed for parents of preschool and school-age children. Topics include raising emotionally healthy children, positive discipline techniques and strategies for managing stressful times. A 175-page parenting book is included.

Fee: $35/adult (second parent may attend for free)

To register for the above classes, please call (314) 454-5437, then press option 3.