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Take advantage of a casual and unrushed opportunity to ask questions in person during a complimentary tour of our Childbirth Center, where you can begin imagining the excitement of your big day. By knowing what to expect when you arrive, you can also gain peace of mind during the remainder of your pregnancy.

During the tour, you’ll see our labor and delivery suite and mother-baby rooms, and also pass by our newborn nursery and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Each spot reserved includes a seat for two adults, and children may attend as well without registering. Your tour group will meet in the lobby of Building D, where you can find guest parking in the garage below.

Dads are welcome to attend.

You tour, we donateAccording to the National Diaper Bank Network, one in three families in the United States is affected by “diaper need,” or the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep their baby clean, dry and healthy. Diapers cost about $1,000 per year for one child, which can place a significant strain on low-income families.

“There is virtually no public assistance provided to help families in need purchase diapers and we see that need, first-hand, in our community,” said Jessica Adams, founder & executive director of St. Louis Area Diaper Bank. “New parents have so many decisions to make, but no parent should have to face the choice between diapers and food.”

To address this need among expecting families in the community, Missouri Baptist Medical Center donates one pack of diapers to the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank for every Childbirth Center tour.

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Familiarize yourself with these landmarks to be sure you’re in the right place on your big day.
Birth Suite
Take a look around our quiet, comfortable birth suites and see a few of the options available to help keep you comfortable during labor
Mother-Baby Room
See how our shared mother-baby rooms create a peaceful environment for rest and bonding.
Peek inside the nursery to see how our staff greets each newborn with a warm smile and gentle touch.
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Learn about all the family-friendly amenities available for your visitors.
See how our caring staff delivers advanced medicine with personalized care.
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