Specialized Care for Multiples

Specialized Care for Twins and Multiples

Most importantly, you want to know that your hospital is experienced enough to handle the labor and delivery, and the risks associated with it.

At MoBap, we specialize in multiple births supporting you, and if needed, providing backup expertise for your doctor, during your pregnancy and delivery. There are two very big reasons that your babies will be in good hands.

Specialized Care Even Before The Babies Are Born

Twins PregnancyYour doctor may determine that you should be seen by a specialist in high risk pregnancies. We have two excellent options on our campus. Both provide highly-trained teams who can monitor you and take preventive measures before the baby is even born. Rather than wait for an emergency and react to it, our staff is trained to recognize pregnancy complications and intervene when necessary.

The Center for Women's Wellness and Fetal Medicine
staffed by Washington University physicians

BJC Medical Group Maternal Fetal Medicine at Missouri Baptist Medical Center
staffed by Michael Paul, MD, and Amanda Trudell, DO, as well as perinatologists from the BJC Medical Group.

In addition, we work with the hospital’s specialists in nutritional counseling, diabetes education, physical therapy, lactation consulting and other resources.

A Unique Collaboration of Experts

When it’s time to deliver, you and your babies will benefit from a unique collaboration, right here at MoBap.

Your doctor will work with the Missouri Baptist labor and delivery team as well as with Washington University neonatologists/pediatricians (who are from St. Louis Children’s Hospital, one of the best pediatric hospitals in the country, for an unparalleled quality of care).

At every high-risk delivery, in addition to the delivery team, there is a pediatrician or neonatologist, and a specially-trained nurse. They are there specifically for the babies. If you are having multiple babies, there is a team for each baby.

Your baby receives this top-level care without having to leave Missouri Baptist. In fact, many of the same neonatologists who staff the St. Louis Children's Hospital NICU also staff the NICU at Missouri Baptist. And, should your baby require surgery or an extremely high level of care, he or she will be transferred to St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

We hope to show you further how MoBap is uniquely qualified to care for you and your multiple babies. To schedule a tour, please call 314-996-5433.