Birthing Ball for Pregnancy & Labor

Birthing Ball for Assistance with Labor Discomfort

Birthing Ball at MoBapThe birth ball, also known as a birthing ball or labor ball, is a standard physiotherapy ball that you often find in gyms. It is made out of anti-burst material and usually has a non-slip finish so that it can securely grip the floor. The therapy ball used for pregnancy and labor should be between 65cm and 75cm in height when inflated.

The birth ball can be used to as an alternative to walking or resting in bed and can help to relieve discomfort during labor. It can also be used during pregnancy for exercise or to aid in re-positioning your baby.

A birthing ball can be requested as a part of your birth plan. For more information on the labor and delivery options available at MoBap, please call (314) 996-5751 or toll-free (800) 392-0936, or email us.