My Guide to Pregnancy

Finding The Best OB/GYN
Expectant mothers need support and understanding to help them throughout the course of their pregnancy. Our doctors are committed to helping their patients achieve a healthy, happy pregnancy and delivery.
With more than 150 OB/GYNs on staff at Missouri Baptist, we are confident that we can help you to find the right doctor. Our Physician Referral specialists at 314-996-LIFE will assist in pairing you up with a provider best suited in meeting your medical and financial needs and expectations.

The following are some questions you may wish to ask prospective doctors during consultation visits.

  • Hospital Affiliation?
  • What percentage of your patients deliver vaginally? By cesarean section?
  • What percentage of your patients' labors are induced?
  • How do you feel about fetal testing to check for problems and/or identify genetic conditions?
  • How do you feel about your patients working with doulas?
  • How many times will I see you during the course of my pregnancy?
  • Who covers for your practice when you are not available or out of town?