Scheduled Induction

Preparing for a Scheduled Induction at MoBap

If you have gone past your due date or you and your baby are ready, your doctor may schedule you for an induction, where you will be given medication to start your labor. On the day of your induction, you are admitted to a birth suite, where your doctor and nurses will administer an IV and connect you to a fetal heart monitor. Then, they will add Pitocin – a labor-inducing hormone – into your IV. Your contractions will begin shortly thereafter, increasing gradually until you are in active labor.

Note that unless medically necessary for your health or your baby's health, inductions are not done prior to your 39th week of pregnancy. We follow this policy at MoBap (also recommended by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) for the health of your baby.

For more information on the labor and delivery options available at Missouri Baptist, call (314) 996-LIFE (5433) or toll-free (800) 392-0936, or email us.