Childbirth 4-Week Class Series

Ideal for those seeking a natural childbirth or expanded hands on practice for labor comfort techniques

These four once-a-week classes offer comprehensive childbirth preparation, ideal for expectant parents desiring a natural childbirth and those wanting ample hands on practice for labor comfort techniques. Topics include stages of labor and birth, breathing and relaxation techniques, natural labor comfort measures, role of the support person, anesthesia options, vaginal and cesarean childbirth, and postpartum expectations.

Please wear comfortable clothing. Skirts are not recommended. You may want to bring a couple of pillows, a small towel and a blanket suitable for floor exercise. You may also want to bring any massage tools from home, such as a small clean paint roller and/or tennis balls in a sock.

Registration for a seat in this class is for two people. Please register the birthing person only.

When: 6:30 p.m.- 9:30 p.m.

Where: Missouri Baptist Medical Center Clinical Learning Institute 3005 North Ballas Road Saint Louis, MO 63131