Pregnancy Health and Wellness

Fitness for a Healthy Pregnancy and Beyond

Mama Yoga
The Mama Yoga Prenatal Program at Missouri Baptist Medical Center provides expectant mothers with the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of connecting to their bodies as they are changing in preparation for labor, birth, and motherhood.

Mama Yoga, Mini Series
Get a quick start with this three-week series to try out before the next full series starts.

Postpartum Yoga Series
Designed for women after their six-week postpartum checkup, this six-week series will guide women through a gentle yoga practice to strengthen, tone, and stretch your postpartum shape. Special attention will be given to helping you reconnect your mind and body to speed the recovery process. Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle, and wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are easy to remove.

Eat Right for You, and Baby, too
Let the countdown begin! Pregnancy will go quickly – so start now taking steps to build a healthy foundation for you and your baby.

Mom on the Run
Learn simple tips for eating healthy while juggling the demands of work and family.